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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Phone Chat - Free And Amazing

Nickie from Tampa writes...

Talk 121, I love your free chat rooms! I used to spend about six hours a night trying to find people to talk with on the Internet, but I got sick of getting spammed by guys only interested in trying to get me to flirt and cyber with them. Just because I’m a single female does NOT mean that I’m available for every guy to talk to and flirt with! Okay, this is where you guys come in! I saw an ad for you in my local alternative paper, and I thought that you sounded much better than the whole Internet IM scene. I’d heard of free chat rooms before, but never called any. So finally I took the plunge and tried you out. I set up an introduction for myself, and could listen to introductions from your male callers. I said right in my introduction that I wasn’t looking for phone flirt, so right away, guys knew to only call me if they wanted to talk about decent stuff—movies, current events, our jobs, or whatever. I had total control over who could contact me! I never knew that free chat rooms could be so cool, or so easy to use! I feel like an idiot for wasting so much time on the Internet talking to guys who only wanted to get nasty. Thank you for such a female-positive source for conversation! I’m cc-ing this letter to the paper where I found your ad, as well. Again, many thanks to you for the service you provide.


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